Blue Light Lens icon Extended Vision Lens icon Large Reading Area icon Near To Far icon Sharp Vision icon Wide Field Of Vision icon Crizal Crizal Eyezen Eyezen EyeZen™+ Defend Against Digital Eye Strain. Enhanced Single Vision Lens, Reduces Eye Strain, Helps Protect from Harmful Blue Light. EyeZen™+ Défendez-vous contre la fatigue oculaire numérique. Lentille à vision unique améliorée, réduit la fatigue oculaire, aide à protéger de la lumière bleue nocive. Crizal Crizal® Anti-glare coating gives you the clearest vision possible with glare, scratch, and smudge protection. Essilor-Logo Eyezen Eyezen Transitions_Signature_GEN8_4c Transitions™ Adaptive lenses adjust to changing light, keep you comfortable and protected in all conditions. Varilux Varilux® Sharp Vision AT ANY DISTANCE. Icons—Sharp Vision, Near to Far, Eliminates Off-Balance. Experio UV logo-xperio-uv Xperio UV Experio UV Single Vision Single Vision Transitions Transitions UV Protection UV Protection Varilux Varilux Xperio™ Polarized lenses provide maximum protection for the best vision under the sun. Xperio UV Xperio UV

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The Essilor Group has put its expertise at the service of good vision in designing, manufacturing, and distributing quality products and services through innovative business models.

Essilor is the world leader in the ophthalmic industry. Essilor is committed to providing solutions to correct and protect the visual health of the 7.7 billion people worldwide.


Essilor provides products and services to meet the vision needs of everyone, everywhere. Today, 2.5 billion people suffer from uncorrected poor vision, 6 billion people do not protect their eyes from harmful rays, and it is expected that by 2050 6.6 billion people will suffer from uncorrected poor vision.

Brand Solutions

Driven by Innovation

To address these growing needs we develop vision solutions at every price point, and our portfolio includes the most loved eyecare brands. We are close to customers and consumers thanks to a unique partnership model; we give access to the best products thanks to our advanced technologies and multichannel distribution worldwide.

Innovation is a core pillar of Essilor that drives our growth. Partnerships with the public and private sector institutions allow us to share innovative technologies and products with more people, as well as provide inspiration for our teams to innovate even further.

Essilor Worldwide

Essilor People

What makes Essilor are its people. Currently, Essilor employs a workforce of 69,000 spread across 70 countries. Each one of them embodies the Essilor spirit: working tirelessly towards improving lives by improving sight. Employees have been at the heart of our success since the very beginning.


Essilor began in 1849 as an artisanal spectacle-maker in Paris. The Essilor story is built on our history of continued excellence, which remains a part of the Group culture even to this day: innovation, partnerships, international openness, entrepreneurial spirit, and human values.