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An Unrecognized Global Vision Crisis

Our experience of the world around us and our ability to learn, work, and interact with others starts with good vision. Yet, one-third of the global population suffers from uncorrected poor vision, leading to lifelong consequences. In most cases, the problem can be solved with something as simple as a pair of glasses, yet individuals and communities don’t always have equal access to vision care and correction. To face this crisis, Essilor works with partners around the world to launch and grow inclusive business and non-profit initiatives that bring access to everyone in pursuit of our most important mission: improving lives by improving sight. Together, we can eradicate uncorrected poor vision in one generation.

Essilor Vision Initiatives

Essilor Vision Foundation

The Essilor Vision Foundation in Canada is dedicated to building awareness of the importance of good visual health, bringing access to vision care to underserved communities to correct poor vision, and advocating to make vision care a priority and a right for all Canadians. Through our many school vision screening and care programs, our work to bring exams and eyewear to northern and remote communities, and our innovative work with mobile vision care partners, the Essilor Vision Foundation in Canada helps break down barriers to examine, diagnose visual impairments, and distribute corrective eyewear to make sure that no one gets left behind.

We work with partners across the country to promote eye health and advance education by conducting research into poor vision, its causes, treatments and consequences, and communicate results to the public.

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vision impact institute

We support the Vision Impact Institute® and its mission of raising awareness about the importance of healthy vision. The Vision Impact Institute strives to give vision a voice by mobilizing a worldwide movement on visual impairment advocacy.

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