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As the global prevalence of myopia is rising, there is a need to go beyond correction to slow down the impact of the myopia epidemic.

Active myopia management represents a substantial opportunity to curb the impact of this epidemic. However, it may sometimes be challenging to access or offer information about myopia and myopia management in your practice.

To help you overcome these challenges, Essilor® Stellest® introduces Essilor® Myopia Care, a comprehensive approach to myopia that gathers education, high-technology solutions and relevant resources under one initiative to support you on your journey with myopia management.

With Essilor® Myopia Care's innovative approach to myopia management, we aim to empower the next generation by providing children with a brighter future.

Be part of Essilor® Myopia Care

Beyond certification, Essilor® Myopia Care is a shared ambition and commitment to drive change by offering myopia management and ultimately providing children with a brighter future.

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2INFOMARCHE 2017 Population with a visual correct for below 18 years old. [4 5] INFOMARCHE 2017 Correction methods for wearers below 18 years old [6] ESTIMATE, myopia control products contributed approx. 3% in the kids' market in China and China is considered the biggest market for myopia control. The % total could be > 100% because of multi-equipment.