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Essilor® Myopia Care is a comprehensive program open to all, gathering education, high-technology solutions and relevant resources to support you on your journey with myopia management in a few steps.

Step 1: Gain Knowledge

Explore the fundamentals of myopia management and strengthen your credibility as an expert by earning your Leonardo Essilor® Stellest® lens certification.

This series of lessons will provide an overview of myopia onset, progression, risk factors and myopia management solutions. Discover how Essilor® is deeply involved in tackling myopia and learn about the Essilor® Stellest® lens, its design, technology, 24-month clinical trial results, and the basics of dispensing and prescribing the lens.

Step 2: Drive change

Set yourself apart as a reference in myopia care and drive change by involving parents and children in a comprehensive myopia management journey with the support of the following innovations & ressources:

• Slow down myopia progression with Essilor® Stellest® lenses.

• Educate parents and children about myopia  and ease Essilor® Stellest® lens conversion thanks to the in-store myopia management best practices guide

• Showcase your commitment by equipping your stores with ready-made marketing assets.


Step 3: Go beyond

Enjoy continuous learning alongside a community of skilled, committed practitioners like yourself.

Being part of Essilor® Myopia Care marks a step to make a difference and have a greater impact on myopic children.

Be part of Essilor® Myopia Care

Beyond certification, Essilor® Myopia Care is a shared ambition and commitment to drive change by offering myopia management and ultimately providing children with a brighter future.