Blue Light Lens icon Extended Vision Lens icon Large Reading Area icon Near To Far icon Sharp Vision icon Wide Field Of Vision icon Crizal Crizal Eyezen Eyezen EyeZen™+ Defend Against Digital Eye Strain. Enhanced Single Vision Lens, Reduces Eye Strain, Helps Protect from Harmful Blue Light. EyeZen™+ Défendez-vous contre la fatigue oculaire numérique. Lentille à vision unique améliorée, réduit la fatigue oculaire, aide à protéger de la lumière bleue nocive. Crizal Crizal® Anti-glare coating gives you the clearest vision possible with glare, scratch, and smudge protection. Essilor-Logo Eyezen Eyezen Transitions_Signature_GEN8_4c Transitions™ Adaptive lenses adjust to changing light, keep you comfortable and protected in all conditions. Varilux Varilux® Sharp Vision AT ANY DISTANCE. Icons—Sharp Vision, Near to Far, Eliminates Off-Balance. Experio UV logo-xperio-uv Xperio UV Experio UV Single Vision Single Vision Transitions Transitions UV Protection UV Protection Varilux Varilux Xperio™ Polarized lenses provide maximum protection for the best vision under the sun. Xperio UV Xperio UV

Better vision for better life with Eyezen

By Essilor Canada

Canadians have visual needs that impact their life, their ability to learn and succeed, their health, and their safety. At Essilor, we believe that everyone has the right to good vision. This is why our mission Improving life by improving sight translates into everything we do, every day.

Since January 1st, 2018, a portion of the proceeds from each Canadian sale of Eyezen is donated to the Fondation En Vue through the Eyezen Scholarship Program. From this fund, the Fondation En Vue is offering up to five HumanWare assistive reading devices every year. This equipment is offered to students living with a severe visual impairment to help them continue their post-secondary education.

Essilor Canada and Eyezen are very proud to join with HumanWare and the Fondation En Vue to encourage the students’ independence and academic success, as well as accomplishing our mission that is improving life, by improving sight.