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Essilor and Luxottica Launch First Joint Product Offering in Canada

By Essilor Canada

Montréal and New York, NY - February 15, 2021 – EssilorLuxottica is launching the first commercial product leveraging the strength of the new Group by strategically combining the expertise of Essilor and Luxottica.


The latest edition of Ray-Ban Authentic represents the perfect match of Ray-Ban’s legendary style and Essilor’s expertise in sight. It will capitalize on the assets of both to meet consumer needs with the aim of diversifying the single vision category as well as growing the prescription sun category. This latest edition will launch on February 16, 2021.


Ray-Ban’s history in the field of prescription lenses has witnessed many ground-breaking developments, but the combination of iconic frames and the latest generation of clear, gradient and sun lenses is a significant revolution made possible by the integration of Essilor and Luxottica. The key innovation is the ability to offer premium and lightweight lenses that perfectly adapt to the shape and curvature of the Ray-Ban frame, making the most of the latest optical technologies.


With prescription glasses being an important part of every look, there will be over 1,400 lens-frame combinations available to consumers, including those featuring Transitions technology with photochromic lenses and blue light filtering. In addition, the new range of Ray-Ban Authenthic also includes a Special Edition enhanced with Essilor’s best-known and most innovative lens solutions such as Varilux, Eyezen and Crizal.


Ray-Ban’s complete experience with its tailored optical solutions by Essilor creates a new innovative category for a future of fully customized products for both customers and consumers.


For more information, ECPs can visit or contact their Essilor Business Consultant.




Fabrizio Uguzzoni, President of Luxottica Wholesale for the Americas

“We are thrilled to be bringing Ray-Ban Authentic to Canada. Consumers and patients are looking for a complete branded experience – they don’t want to have to sacrifice their favorite eyewear brand or the best lens technology.  With Ray-Ban Authentic, they will have the best of both worlds, essentially creating a new category that will benefit ECPs and consumers alike.”


Christophe Perreault, President of Essilor Canada

“With this new integrated offer that combines the renowned expertise of both Essilor and Luxottica, the Canadian practitioners will have in hand an attractive eye care product that makes no compromise on style and sight expertise. In other words, this new offer represents a tremendous opportunity to grow their business and to maximize their customer’s satisfaction. And this is just the beginning.”