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Eyezen+ is a Lens for All Single Vision Wearers

By Essilor Canada

Lorelai Woolridge, far right, and her staff at Optique Boutique educate patients on visual solutions based on their prescription and lifestyle needs.

Eyezen™+ lenses were launched in 2015 to help alleviate high visual fatigue caused by intense screen use that resulted from patients’ increasingly connected lifestyles.  Since then, people’s interaction with digital devices has continued to evolve: more people, of all ages, are connected and are using multiple devices. Essilor’s latest innovation in single vision lenses, Eyezen+ Start, takes the Eyezen+ brand and patient benefits to the next level.

Lorelei Woolridge, Optique Boutique’s owner and optician in St. Johns, Newfoundland, explains the benefits of Eyezen+ in her practice and how every single vision patient is a potential Eyezen+ wearer.

“My philosophy is simple: listen to your patients and be sure you have a product portfolio that responds to their needs,” she explains. Optique Boutique has been offering Eyezen+ since its launch, and Wooldridge says its benefits regularly resonate with wearers. “I base my product offering on what works following patient feedback, and it all started with my daughter. Even though she has multiple pairs of glasses, she was constantly wearing the same one and told me, ‘I just can’t see through the other ones anymore.’ Her favorite pair had Eyezen+ lenses, and that’s how I knew we were onto a great lens.”

With a diverse patient base, Woolridge is seeing that Eyezen+ helps with relieving eyestrain and protecting against harmful blue light. “We have young professionals, teachers and students who spend all day behind their computers and are becoming more concerned about blue light,” she says. “They all tell me Eyezen+ works best for them. That’s what we’re here for, to look at a patient’s prescription, ask about their lifestyle and educate them on options for their best vision.”

For eyecare professionals looking to offer Eyezen+ to their single vision wearers, Woolridge recommends speaking openly about all lens options and refraining from pre-judgement. “A government assisted patient who values seeing well will want to know about Eyezen+ as much the young professional who walks into my practice. Our job is to educate based on the prescription and lifestyle and provide the best solution and customer service possible. Eyezen+ is a great option for all single vision wearers today and it should be presented as such.”

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