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Eyezen Kids Launch

By Essilor Canada

On march 29, 2022, Essilor® launches Eyezen®+ Kids,

a new lens specially designed to relax and protect the eyes of young eyeglasses wearers between the ages of 6 and 12.

With this new solution, eyecare professionals can provide children with a visual solution that's suitable for all of their daily activities, including the ones with screens.

Montréal – March, 29 2022 – Essilor Canada is extending its family of Eyezen®+ lenses that enhance vision on screens and protect eyes from harmful light1 with a new Essilor® lens designed specifically for children. Eyezen®+ Kids lenses take into account children's aged between 6 and 12 parameters such as their morphology, their object distance and gaze directions to offer them better visual comfort and protection2. With Eyezen®+ Kids lenses, eyecare professionals are equipped to meet the specific children’s visual needs and allow them to discover, learn something new everyday, all while enjoying every magical moment of their childhood.

Eyezen®+ Kids lenses: designed for how they see the world

Children are not like adults. They have different visual needs. Essilor’s R&D department has found3 that children tend to move their eyes a lot more and often look up at the world around them because they are smaller, thus using a larger surface of the lens. In addition, children's arms are shorter than those of adults. They therefore look at objects at a closer distance than adults. Finally, children have different facial features than adults.

Today’s standard single vision lenses are not optimised for children. Essilor® specially developed lenses to meet their visual needs.

Eyezen®+ Kids lenses: an all-in-one solution that offers children the visual comfort and protection they need.

The Eyezen® DualOptimTM Kids technology takes children’s parameters into account to optimise the surface of the lens with 60% more surface area for optimal correction than a standard single vision lens4. We maintain a child's prescription while using two reference points (not only the centre of the lens) to optimize the surface of the lens up to 60% more surface area for all of a child's gaze directions (not only the centre of the lens).

In addition, Crizal® coatings provide advanced clarity and durability of the lenses and the Blue UV CaptureTM Technology protects children’s eyes from any harmful surrounding light, like that emitted by digital devices5.

Vision plays a key role in children’s development and growth. With Eyezen®+ Kids, give children a wider vision zone in a more comfortable lens.

For more information, eyecare professionals can contact their Essilor business consultant or visit our website:

Chantal Iturria - Chief, Communications et Medias relation - Essilor Canada

(1)         Harmful light protection: UV and partial Blue-Violet light filtration. (Up to 455nm with the greatest toxicity between 415- 455nm).

(2)         Eyezen® Kids in-Life consumer study - 2019 - US (n=58) - 3rd independent party - Children have a better level of visual comfort when playing/doing activities indoor with Eyezen® Kids compared with their current single vision lenses.

(2)         Drobe, 2011

Based on Essilor examinations and measurements of eye-head coordination in 169 children aged between 6-14 years old.

(3)         Internal simulation versus a Spheric Essilor single vision lens with corrections from -6.00 D to +6.00 D (>=-4.00 D).

(4)         Crizal Prevencia and/or Blue UV CaptureTM Technology contribute to filtre harmful blue light: cut at least 20% of harmful blue light (380 nm - 455 nm) with a Stylis lens.