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Fogged Up Glasses Are a Thing of the Past

By Essilor Canada

Although winter is THE fogged-up glasses season, this phenomenon is present throughout the year. How many times have you drained pasta, emptied the dishwasher, opened the stove door or even drunk coffee or tea to be suddenly blinded by fog? How many times have you had to remove your glasses when entering the house on a cold winter day? How many times have you had to put your hockey practice on hold because of fogged-up glasses? And let’s not even talk about what you probably go through at work! In short, fog appears on your glasses as soon as a quick temperature change occurs.

There is a way to put an end to this discomfort without interfering with your eyesight. With the Crizal Optifog anti-reflective coating, you can say goodbye to these annoying situations and enjoy every moment of your life in complete safety. The coating works in a very simple way. It is an overcoat with anti-fogging properties that do not cause any distortion or loss of contrast. Your vision will be that much better off. How does it work? With the Crizal Optifog coating, the many water droplets that cause fog are perfectly distributed on the surface of the lens and create a uniform and invisible film of water. That way, thanks to the anti-fogging properties of the coating, the uneven aspect of the water droplets that form the fog is automatically evened out.

Ask your eyecare professional for the Crizal Optifog coating. It is easy to use and very practical if you want to have a clear vision at all times. This treatment is compatible with all types of lenses and is suitable for both adults and children. Give yourself the freedom to cook without being blinded or to practise your favourite sport without being bothered by the fog. You can now work safely every single day without visual obstacles bothering you. Your glasses are your allies and should remain so at all times, regardless of the temperature.

To make sure that the properties of the Crizal Optifog coating on your lenses are effective, you simply need to activate them daily with the Optifog Activator Cloth.

3 quick and easy ways to maintain your Crizal Optifog lenses:

  1. EVERY DAY: Activate and clean your Optifog lenses using the Optifog Activator Cloth
  2. EVERY 2 WEEKS: Wash the Optifog lenses with water, then wipe them and reactivate them using the Optifog Activator Cloth.
  3. EVERY 3 MONTHS (or after 450 uses): Replace your Optifog Activator Cloth

At your next appointment with your eyecare professional, feel free to ask for more details on the Crizal Optifog coating. Depending on your lifestyle, they can tell you if it would be beneficial to add this coating to your glasses. That being said, just between you and us, who likes to be blinded by the fog?

Leave your fogged-up glasses in the dust and let the Crizal Optifog coating change the way you see the world .