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Stay safe when it comes to your makeup

By Essilor Canada

Add these 3 tips to your beauty routine now

Applying a bit of makeup before going to work, enjoying an evening with friends or before a date is a regular part of many people's lives. Here are three ways to adapt your beauty routine and protect the health of your eyes.

Get An Eyeful

There are two ways to apply eyeliner. The first method adds the colour flush with your lashes; the second method adds it to the inner rims. The method you choose can have a great impact on the look you are trying to create, and it can also impact your health.

The first method is safer and allows the liner to stay in place for longer. However, the second method creates a more dramatic, mysterious look. Which one would you choose?

While alluring, rimming your eyes with liner doesn't create a lasting effect—the colour will only stay in place for a few hours. This means that your look must be constantly maintained.

There is also the possibility that you may shed a few tears. Why? Your eyes will perceive the eyeliner as an intrusion of foreign bodies. As a result, the eyes will do everything possible to eliminate the irritant by flushing it with tears. This usually occurs within 5 to 10 minutes after application. It might be frustrating, but this process is necessary to ensure your wellbeing. The foreign bodies that make up your liner can contain bacteria. The purpose of tearing is to therefore limit the chances of contracting an infection.

It's all about the bubbles

Are your hands clean enough for your eyes?

Being in a rush seems to be a standard part of the morning routine. But taking the time to perform one simple action can go a long way when it comes to preventing eye health issues. Make sure to wash your hands and scrub your nails with soap before your beauty routine. This may seem obvious, but it is often overlooked. Without this step, bacteria can come into contact with your eyes, and you are at risk of contracting an infection.

You might not want to admit it, but we have all used our saliva to erase a bit of eyeliner or smudge our eye shadow to create just the right look. That's one habit that needs breaking! Remember that our saliva contains all sorts of different bacteria that we want to avoid putting in contact with our precious eyes.

Keep your fingers out of your eyes! Proper hygiene is essential for optimum eye health.

To Your Garbage Cans!

You wouldn't drink a glass of milk that was expired by a month, would you? Then, why would you think of using a six-month old mascara? Expiration dates on makeup items must be taken seriously. When they've passed their expiration date, they can become harmful from both an aesthetic and a medical point of view. Depending on the materials that make up each product, the expiration date may vary. As a result, remember to always read the labels!

Keep a product that you rarely use in the refrigerator—it will prolong its life and its beauty benefits.

BONUS: The ultimate expiry date guide for current beauty products

Product Throw it out after ...
Powders (blush, bronzer, and eye shadow) Two years
Cream eye shadow and blush 12 to 18 months
Oil-free foundation One year
Compact cream foundation 18 months
Concealer 12 to 18 months
Lip pencil and lipstick One year
Lip gloss 18 to 24 months
Eyeliner pencil Deux years
Liquid or gel eyeliner Three months
Mascara Three months