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The Perfect Frame For Every Face

By Essilor Canada

Frames are an extension of the fashion world - every season brings an exciting new collection. And while you might want to follow the trends and make a statement, your selections should first be based upon the shape of your face. After all, the most important thing is to create a beautiful visual statement that suits you. When it comes to choosing your frames, here are a few rules to follow.

Tell me the shape of your face and I will tell you the perfect frame for you.

The golden rule

The shape of your glasses needs to contrast, not look like, the shape of your face. The right frame will provide balance to your face, correcting and harmonizing its features.

Five versions of a face

There are five different face shapes: round, oval, heart-shaped, square and rectangular. To begin, select the description that suits you best.

Round faces get angular.

This face is defined by its rounded lines. Length and width are of the same proportion, there are no angles and all features are soft.

Choose a frame that will elongate and refine your face. We particularly recommend angular shapes, narrow and rectangular frames or those with retro-like defined angles. Sports frames are also ideal thanks to their tapered style.

Oval faces, unlimited choices.

This is said to be the ideal shape because it is so balanced, it is also the most common shape. The lower part of the face and the chin are slightly narrower than the forehead.

You're in luck - any type of frame will suit you! Classic, eccentric and sophisticated styles can be selected - choose according to your personality. Make sure to avoid over-sized glasses that can overwhelm, select a size that respects the dimensions of your face.

Square faces, opt for a curve!

This shape is recognizable thanks to its large forehead, well-defined jawline and a length and width that are equivalent.

To soften your face, opt for curves. Choose oval or cat eye frames. Choose styles that aren't too big, feature soft lines with a delicate rim or half-rim.

Heart-shaped faces will fall for these frames.

This is also known as the diamond shape featuring a large forehead, high cheekbones and a small chin.

Wear selections that feature curved lines or round frames with a bridge between the eyes to break the width of the forehead. Frames whose shape is larger on the lower section of the glasses are also a good choice.

Rectangular faces, make a big statement!

This face is longer than it is wide, with narrow chin and cheekbones.

The frame needs to create the impression of a wider face. Turn your attention toward big frames, even oversized ones. Wrap-around sports glasses are also recommended.

Now it's your turn!

Now that you've chosen a shape, there are still plenty of ways to express your own personality: colour and material, design and detail, clear, coloured or mirrored lenses. The choice is all yours - we know you want to look your best!