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Trends: glasses and technology

By Essilor Canada

Slowly, but surely, new technologies are starting to find their way into our closets. Smart watches and heated mittens are perfect examples. Just recently, Snapchat featured a pair of sunglasses with a built-in video camera. It seems that even glasses can enjoy a hit of technology! We, of course, have Google Glass, a sci-fi gadget straight out of James Bond. But sometimes technology is as simple as being able to change the lenses in our frames.

These days, we spend lots and lots of time in front of screens emitting blue light that can cause ocular fatigue. Think about all those late nights you've spent in front of your computer trying to conquer the realms of World of Warcraft, the hours you've spent trying to beat your Flappy Bird high score or that time you spent five hours researching the perfect reference for your next cosplay! Luckily, there are more and more lenses featuring protective solutions. When you think about corrective vision, big clunky frames and unflattering lenses often come to mind.  But that couldn't be further from the truth! Glasses have become a fashion accessory and lenses are technological marvels!

Eyezen: Fashionable technology!

Two user profiles are targeted for this type of technology: hyper-connected young adults  and pre-presbyopic e-workers. Belonging to the first category, I had the opportunity to try a pair of Eyezen lenses. I immediately saw a difference. Smart phone, iPod and tablet screens didn't feel as harsh and caused less strain to the eyes.

Eyezen lenses adapt to a wide range of frame styles. The choices are varied, reflect the latest fashion trends, adapt to a variety of facial shapes and feature styles that match your personality and tastes. 

A wide range of styles

If you enjoy a futuristic style with a touch of retro, try the Judge Dredd glasses.

Do you love updated classics? The Sonny Crockett inspired frames featuring over-sized lenses are just for you.

Focused on a robotic or electronic look? Brightly coloured TRON3 styled frames will suit you perfectly! 

You can also express your passion for the sciences with glasses that are as white as your lab coat.  

Being able to access a new technology with so many different designs will certainly appeal to young adults who enjoy making a statement through their personal style. Flaunt your geek look from head to toe! Now you can enjoy your Star Wars marathons in complete comfort and safety. 

Eyezen protects against blue light 

According to studies*, three out of four people suffer from visual fatigue and two out of three people strain to see properly. To solve the problem, Eyezen lenses offer protection against irritating, harmful blue violet light. The lenses only allow in the essential light and reduce visual fatigue. In order to reduce visual fatigue, lenses also feature a technological component called EYEZEN FOCUS created to help the eye's focusing efforts. For professional gamers and those who play daily, this is a major advantage!

A big thank you to Essilor for providing the glasses for this article. 

This article was sponsored by Essilor. The opinions and suggestions stated in this article are mine. 

*A quantitative consumer study performed amongst 4,000 individuals throughout France, Brazil, China and the United States by Ipsos for Essilor. 

*in collaboration with Catherine Ruscigno from The views and opinions expressed are Catherine’s.