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Trendy frames = trendy looks

By Essilor Canada

Last year, Essilor asked me to take a look at its Xperio polarizing lenses and create a few outfits inspired by my favourite shades. Since the experience was very positive, we decided to repeat it with this year’s new trendy colours.

After discovering the available shades (which you can see and even try here), I was very excited because they were really inspiring. In fact, I even had a hard time choosing my favourites... but I finally opted for the pink for women (are you surprised?) and an azure blue for men.

This year, I wanted to create more than one look, so I decided to play with the versatility aspect of the glasses. If we often change shoes according to our outfit, it’s fortunately not the case for our glasses... so it’s important to choose well (I suggest to move away from frames that are too sporty or too blingy). That being said, for each pair of glasses, I will suggest a day look and an evening look... and you will understand exactly what I mean by versatility!

Women's look with the fashion pink tint


For her, I chose pink because it’s my favourite colour, and I am thrilled to see it will be super trendy this season. And that goes from bright fuchsia to soft blush. As you can see, I have a small preference for the paler pink, which I like to wear either in a solid tone or in a flowery print... what a nice coincidence, since flowers are also fashionable this summer!

I started with sixties-inspired glasses, which feature a white frame that contrast with the pink round lenses. A two-toned pair of glasses such as this one can be very interesting because it multiplies the outfit options... For the day look, I couldn’t resist a floral ruffled bodysuit, which works wonders with white jeans. I completed the outfit with a small blush backpack, floral print sneakers and a pretty flower clip!

For the evening look, I wanted to accentuate the 60's vibe... so I chose an A-line suede mini-dress and a statement necklace featuring vintage white flowers. To stay in the theme, I finished the look with floral sandals and a lovely coordinated (but not too matchy) clutch. You will understand that along with the sunglasses, the iPhone and the small fishnet ankle socks are meant to go with both outfits! Like it?

Men’s Look with the Xperio Mirror Azure lenses


For him, I chose a frame that is both vintage and modern, so it could go with any look. But what I especially want you to notice is the choice of glasses with a mirror treatment, which has been super trendy for the past few seasons. There are several shades available in the Crizal Mirror Sun UV selection, but I fell for the azure! Not only is it a shade that benefits most men, but it’s also easier to adopt if you are trying a coloured lens for the first time. Oh yes… and, this treatment offers protection against the sun’s UV rays!

Before going into the looks, I would like to draw your attention to the navy blue frame, which blends perfectly with the azure lenses, and clearly sets the tone of my outfits! For the day look, I had to go for a few classics: the indigo jeans, the striped t-shirt and the Expos cap! I then completed it with cool headphones and coordinated sneakers. For the evening, I wanted to keep the navy base, hence the choices of chic lightly shiny pants and the hat, but I completed with a geometric pattern shirt in a lighter blue and added caramel accents with the belt and shoes.

So, do you love the looks?

in collaboration with Lolitta Dandoy from The views and opinions expressed are Lolitta’s.