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When glasses inspire your look

By Essilor Canada

When your glasses inspire your look…

I always felt there should be no iron clad rules in fashion. If you feel good in an outfit, it’s enough, in my opinion, to justify your choices when it comes to your look! Of course, I know trends exist (and they often play a role in my fashion choices), but I really believe you shouldn’t follow them blindly; first, because they change every season and encourage overconsumption, but most of all because those trends are not all adapted to our silhouette. That’s why it’s so important to know your body type and what fits you best.

After 25 years of sartorial experimentation, I can say that I know the silhouettes that flatter me... and those that don’t. I therefore embrace the former and dismiss the latter, but I always give myself a lot of freedom in terms of colours, styles and inspirations. For me, such inspiration can come from anywhere: a faraway country, another decade, an actress and her iconic style, and even from men’s fashion... A look can start to take shape in my mind when I look at a shoe I just bought, an extravagant hat or even the colour of my nail polish.

When Essilor asked me to take a look at its Xperio polarized lenses collection and find the shades that would stir my inspiration for two perfect summer looks, I did not hesitate a second. Actually, that’s not entirely true... I was first afraid there wouldn’t be enough choice, but after seeing the number of lenses available, I accepted the challenge! In informing myself about the colour options, I also learned that in addition to providing a clearer, more comfortable and safer vision, the Xperio polarized lenses were available according to prescriptions and adapted to most frames.

A perfect summer look for her with the Xperio Yellow lens


For my female look, I chose the yellow lens because it's one of my favourite summer colours. I don’t know about you, but when I see someone wearing yellow, I smile. To me, it simply is a cheerful shade... plus, it is super trendy this season! Not only the colour itself, but also its proudest representatives… like lemons, pineapples and pretty daisies! You will find them all in the look that I came up with!

A perfect summer look for him with the Xperio gradient Grey lens

For my male look, I chose the gradient Grey lens because I think it's one of the most versatile colours for the gentleman’s wardrobe. Depending on the intensity of colour and texture, it can be ultra-chic, super classic, very avant-garde or perfectly relaxed! The idea to opt for a gradient lens allows me to suggest a monochrome look, which is a huge trend this season...


Let's start with the spectacle itself... an aviator model, which is in my opinion the coolest and most timeless frame a man can wear! Just like the colour grey, aviator glasses can be part of a chic or casual look. So I imagined a young web designer who leaves for work on his skateboard... equipped with his cap, headphones, backpack and sneakers, but ready to meet a prospective client for lunch. That’s why the rest of the outfit is more dressed up. What do you think?

in collaboration with Lolitta Dandoy from The views and opinions expressed are Lolitta’s.