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Lenses for presbyopia


If you are over 40 and having difficulty with your vision close-up and at arm’s reach, chances are you are experiencing presbyopia. It’s a gradual change in the ability to focus up close, and a condition that affects almost everyone as they age.


Normally, by the age of 40, the crystalline lens has lost some of its suppleness and does not bulge out sufficiently. The eye gradually loses its ability to focus. Like a camera with a misaligned lens, the eye no longer focuses the image correctly.

Presbyopia is not a vision disorder, but a natural process of aging that may affect everyone. In fact, over time, as the lens loses its elasticity, it becomes less and less capable of bending and accommodating.

As it is a natural process, you cannot avoid presbyopia. However, our advanced lens technology makes it possible to experience virtually the same quality of vision you enjoyed in your youth.

Our best solution for presbyopia

Varilux® progressive lenses are our best solution to presbyopia, giving you sharp vision at any distance. Instead of being constrained by viewing zones (near and distant, like with bifocals), Varilux progressive lenses provide smooth transition at any distance.

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