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Slows the Progression of Myopia

Two Major Benefits

Child looking at tablet
Light entering eye

Myopia correction with clear vision

The single vision zone, carrying the prescription of your child, brings sharp vision by perfectly focusing light on the retina. The lens design ensures a large prescription zone. This guarantees clear vision and comfort. 

Light going through lens, entering eye

And myopia control with a signal against eye elongation

The lens is made of a cutting-edge constellation of 1021 invisible lenslets. On top of bringing sharp vision as a standard single vision, this constellation creates a signal in the child eye acting as a shield against eye elongation.

Thanks to the H.A.L.T* technology, Essilor Stellest™ lenses slow down myopia progression by 67% on average, compared to single vision lenses, when worn 12 hours a day**.

With Stellest lenses, you're making the right choice

Stellest v. Standard

A two year clinical trial demonstrated strong evidence on Essilor Stellest lenses efficacy.

Essilor Stellest lenses slow down myopia progression by 67% on average, compared to single vision lenses, when worn 12 hours a day**.

After the first year, the eye growth of 9 out of 10 children wearing Stellest lenses was similar or slower than non myopic children.


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*Highly Aspherical Lenslet Target.

**  Compared to single vision lenses, when worn by children at least 12 hours per day every day. Bao, J., Huang, Y., Li, X., Yang, A., Zhou, F., Wu, J., Wang, C., Li, Y., Lim, E.W., Spiegel, D.P., Drobe, B., Chen, H., 2022. Spectacle Lenses With Aspherical Lenslets for Myopia Control vs Single-Vision Spectacle Lenses: A Randomized Clinical Trial, in China. JAMA Ophthalmol. 140(5), 472–478.