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Are your eyes tired at the end of the day?

The connected world may have detrimental effects on your well-being. Discover how Essilor lenses take care of and protect your eyes.

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Computers, tablets, and smartphones: Your daily life is dominated by digital screens. This digital environment may be detrimental to your eyes and cause uncomfortable symptoms. Headaches, neck or shoulder pain, and vision problems should not be normal. Plus, the reduction in eye blinking in front of a screen can cause red eyes that itch or burn.

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Eye strain might be linked to harmful blue light

Screen-related eye strain may be caused by three factors: posture, which becomes uncomfortable and rigid in front of smaller devices; distance from the screen, requiring your eyes to strain if too close; and intensity and brightness. Eye-strain symptoms may be caused by prolonged exposure to screens, each of which gives off blue light. A great deal of this light is also given off by the sun. Protection when going outside is thus very important.

Overexposure to this blue light may quickly make you feel eye strain and cause a general drop in energy.

Eyezen®+ technology

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Eyezen®+ lenses are designed for connected life

Protect your eyes from blue light and prevent eye strain with advanced-technology Eyezen®+ lenses. These lenses reduce the visual tension caused by your digital devices while also protecting against blue light. Treat your eyes to the comfort they deserve with the solution designed especially for a connected lifestyle.

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Protect and relax your eyes

Eyezen®+ lenses reduce eye strain thanks to their specific vision-enhancing design. They can also protect from harmful blue light.
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The line of task-specific progressive lenses

The ultra near vision zone is designed to meet your individual needs for relaxed eyes and better readability.

Plus, enjoy screen distance personalization for maximum comfort and natural posture.

Get relief from eye strain

Take good care of your vision by consulting a specialist and ask for lenses designed for your connected life. Your eyes deserve relief  from the uncomfortable symptoms of eye strain. Eyezen®+ lenses are the solution to tired eyes, plus they protect your eyes from blue light.


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